Meet Aporni Punyhotra, Owner of Drunken Poet. But we the locals just know her as “Oy.” She's is the perfect restaurateur - savvy, charming and the queen of hospitality.

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Oy always wanted to go to culinary school but her father wanted her to go into the medical field, so she moved to Normandy, France and became a pharmacist. Oy decided to follow her lifelong dream after visiting Sarasota and open the restaurant she always wanted to, creating beautiful and delectable feasts. 

1572 Main St
Sarasota, FL 34236

Located 1572 Main Street Main in downtown Sarasota, just past the intersection of Main and Orange, the Drunken Poet Cafe Thai Bistro & Sushi Bar is reinventing Japanese and Thai cuisine. With dishes to suit all tastes, sophisticated dining has never been so much fun! Try the Poet's famous "Sexy Man Roll" to explore new flavors, or order the Pad Thai for a traditional dish with an awesome presentation.

Drunken Poet Cafe
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