Usually when Sally goes in to a newly opened restaurant she goes in with no pre-conceived notions as that would not be fair.  This is not the case with Angelo's.  When we heard that Angelo DiFiore opened  a new restaurant we knew exactly what to expect due to the fact that we knew him very well from his former restaurant Chianti's and from Cafe Gabriano.  Angelo is a native Italian with extensive experience and training in fine italian cuisine.
Tonight when Sam and I stopped in for dinner we were ready for a great meal and we were not disappointed.  The restaurant is located in a strip mall  just a little north of Stickney Point Rd  and once you step in to the restaurant you find yourself in a cozy warmly decorated dining room with beautiful pictures and white linen table clothes and a Fresh Rose on each table.  The overall effect says "WELCOME" and that's just how we felt.
We were seated promptly and an excellent waiter greeted us immediately as drinks were ordered and menus were left for our appraisal.
As we sipped our drinks we were drooling at the menu selections and each one looked better that the next!
For an appetizer I ordered the Salsiccia e pepperoni which includes sausage, peppers and onions on toasted bread. This was a beautifully presented dish that tasted even better than it looked.  Next time I just might order two of these just for myself.
Sam ordered the Bruschetta (four bread tips covered with pieces of tomato and a homemade tomato sauce with lettuce and radicchio. This Bruschetta was prepared the way that few restaurants are able to present it.  The bread was toasted on the outside but the inside was still soft and melted in your mouth.  Too many restaurants give you bread that has been toasted so long that it's hard as a brick and your lucky if you don't break a tooth.  That is not the case at Angelo's, this is an appetizer that is absolutely heavenly. 
As we took our time with these wonderful dishes the ever vigilant waiter made sure our every need was being catered too and asked if we were happy with the food.  We were!
Salsicia e peperoni