Opa! Opa!
6525 Superior Ave, Sarasota 34231
(Gulf Gate)
phone = 941-927-1672
web site = http://opaopagreekrestaurant.com/
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   Wednesday - Sunday    
Sally has driven past this restaurant several times over the last two years but it never really registered on my places to try until one of my members wrote me an email telling me that this was the best Greek Restaurant in Sarasota.  Trusting my members as always Sam and I decided to give it a try.   
We were surprised as soon as we walked in as to how beautiful the interior was with the gorgeous mural, the large dining area and the open concept kitchen where you can see the chef preparing your meals.
After we were seated and our drink orders taken by a very friendly and knowledgeable waitress and her helper (Sybil & Danny) we were delighted by the complimentary Pita bread they put on the tables before you order. Sam was as thrilled with the taste of the bread as I was and we were both tempted to just keep eating it until we were full but common sense prevailed as we perused the menu.
For an appetizer we chose the "Saganaki - Opa! Opa!" which is Goat Cheese Flambeed with Brandy and Lemon served tableside.  Pictures do not do this dish justice.  When the waitress lights this up and the Flames erupt it's almost like a stage play with the excitement and anticipation that come with the opening music and promises delights to come.
After the flames are out and we are able to dive it we find this is as tasty as it looks.
As we enjoyed our appetizer we watched carefully as dishes were delivered to fellow patrons and we saw plates containing Lamb Shanks, Gyro's, Red Snapper, T-Bone Lamp Chops, Stuffed Salmon and Grilled Octopus among other things.  
Yanni & Michele Heralampopoulo