We started out ordering the Spring Rolls which were very light, fluffy and delicious. 
For an entree I chose the "Happy Family" off the "Chef's Special" section.  This dish has a little bit of everything. There was shrimp, beef, chicken & scallops along with water chestnuts, snow peas and other wonderful chinese vegetables. The flavors were amazing and you could tell that the chef put his heart in the food.
Sam likes things a little spicy so he ordered the "Singapore Mei Fun" with chicken and noodles, another beautifully prepared dish that tasted great.
Sally and Sam love Chinese food and we have been going to Mak's for years.  But when we went there last we found it had a new name. 
The ambiance was completely different and a sense of excitement was in the air.  We were greeted by a lovely oriental lady who introduced herself as "Susan" and she was very friendly and accommodating.  It turned out that Susan and her husband Yuan Zhang had recently bought the restaurant from the previous owners.  A name change followed and the quality of the food has already improved.  Yuan was trained in the culinary arts in Hong Kong and is in charge of the kitchen where he  uses his own recipes to put out what may now be the best Chinese and Thai cuisine in town. 
I really hope that you all try this restaurant. I believe that this will be voted the best Chinese Restaurant in Sarasota if we can get enough people to try it.
I promise you will enjoy the food and the atmosphere and once you go you will go back.
Make sure you put your reviews on line and tell your friends about it. 
This restaurant needs to be found by all of our members and every person in the area.
Susan & Yuan Zhang have a real winner here, let's get the word out.
Taste of Hong Kong 
Chinese & Thai Restaurant
2224 Gulf Gate Dr
Sarasota,  34231
Dine-In & Take Out
Monday - Saturday  11:30  am - 10:00 pm
Sunday 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Lunch 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner Served All Day