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WEEK OF October 12, 2018 
Dining Club News
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Sarasota Sally is not an advertising agency. I do this because I love good food and we have some great local restaurants that are owned and operated by local people that deserve to be supported and that's what I'm trying to do.  These restaurants do not have the huge advertising budgets that the national chains have but what they do have is fantastic food made with fresh ingredients. 
Click on the restaurant logo's located on the left side of this page to check them out and then please go and enjoy a fantastic meal.
If you need to contact me it is best to email me at:
Since I don't have an office or normal business hours email is the best way to contact me but you can call 941-504-8983 and leave a message and I will call you back.



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Goodfellas is offering a
Pizza Eating Contest Saturday Oct 13
Tuesday Night Jazz has returned


join me on Tuesday 10/23 at the

Goodfellas Cafe & Winery


October 23rd,at 6:30 PM


for a night of great italian food and live jazz performed by Robbie Rose and guests.




Chef Rolfs New Florida Kitchen
Extends Oktoberfest through Oct 31
Chef Rolf's New Florida Kitchen
2001 Siesta Dr, Sarasota 34239
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check out
Chef Rolf's
Sarasota Sally
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Starting Tuesday Oct 9th, and Every Tuesday until further notice, come and enjoy
great jazz and italian cuisine.
Robbie Rose will be on keyboards with featured guests that change each week.
Plaza Mexico hosts a live
Mariachi Band Sunday Oct 14 at 6 PM
Make your reservations now!
Yuniku hosts the
Hope for Children and Families
non-profit event Wednesday Oct 17 at 6 PM
Dutch Valley Celebrates Oktoberfest
Specials good through Oct 31 
A Taste of Sarasota went great,
Thanks for all your support,
but I'm wore out and I'm going to one more weeks vacation
The Next Dining club will be on Tuesday October 23rd