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WEEK OF March 22, 2019 
Dining Club News
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Sarasota Sally is not an advertising agency. I do this because I love good food and we have some great local restaurants that are owned and operated by local people that deserve to be supported and that's what I'm trying to do.  These restaurants do not have the huge advertising budgets that the national chains have but what they do have is fantastic food made with fresh ingredients. 
Click on the restaurant logo's located on the left side of this page to check them out and then please go and enjoy a fantastic meal.
If you need to contact me it is best to email me at:
Since I don't have an office or normal business hours email is the best way to contact me but you can call 941-504-8983 and leave a message and I will call you back.



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 Goodfella's Cafe & Winery
Hosts Live Jazz Every Tuesday Night
featuring: Robbie Rose on Keyboards
Wings and Weenies
Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
and some of the best Wings you ever had!

on Tuesday March 26 at: 6:30 pm

Join Sally at: 

 Dutch Valley 

6721 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 34231



Plaza Mexico
Live Mariachi Band performs Sunday April 14
Chef Rolf's New Florida Kitchen
Dinner and Magic, April 6, Reserve Now. 

Sarasota has been blessed with this great restaurant since 1972.

If you can't find something you love at this restaurant then I think you just don't like restaurants.

A few things that I personally think are outstanding are the home-made biscuits (make sure you go early because they run out quickly, you won’t be sorry), the Broasted Chicken, the Liver and Onions, the Baked Lamb Shank, The Spinach Pie and the Rice Pudding which happens to be the best in this whole area.


Dutch Valley has a motto which is “It is our commitment to provide every customer top quality food with good and friendly service for very reasonable prices”!   Sally thinks they more than live up to that motto.


Join me and enjoy!


       THAN Monday March 25th by NOON

Please make your reservations now by emailing me at: sarasotasally@sarasotasally.com 

Reservations are required, please reserve you spot no later than Monday Noon prior to day before dinner

When you send in your reservation please state how many people will be with you.  Also, give me a phone number so I can reach you if some last minute problem comes up at the restaurant (rare) and let me know your name and the name of everyone coming with you so that my records for the dinner are correct and I can start to get to know you.

All reservations will get a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you do not get a confirmation email call me at 941-504-2808.

The Public House
Sports and Great Food! What could be better?
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Join Sally 
The Terrace at Surf Shack
Piano Bar with Live Music 7 Days a Week!
Lamb Shank
Spinach Pie 
Liver and Onions
Broasted Chicken
Screaming Goat Taqueria
You owe it to yourself to try this restaurant